How to paint the roof of a house


In order for the roof of the house to last a long time and have an attractive appearance, the roof of the house should be painted with a good roofing paint. The paint must be made specifically for roofs. Roof maintenance comes with some financial costs, so if you want to save on labor, you can paint it yourself, but to avoid mistakes, you must follow the instructions printed on all paint cans, which consistently describe the entire painting process, from roof preparation to finishing. using the correct paint composition.

Tip: Many people make the mistake of treating the roof surface with diesel fuel before painting, which leads to the loss of all labor and financial costs. The paint or primer loses its ability to adhere and the paint will quickly come off the metal. Therefore, sand the roof only with abrasive emery paper, wire bristles and the like. It is advisable to rinse the dust with a jet of water and, after complete drying, apply the first coat with an anti-corrosion primer or anti-corrosion paint.

Atoll Anti-corrosive Primer GF-021, 28kg


Mastic waterproof SMILE SK-18


ORIX Anticorrosive Enamel for roofs


Rezin Paint SF-16 Base C universal, elastic, waterproofing


Rezin Paint SF-16 universal, elastic, waterproofing


Rezin Paint SF-16 universal, elastic, waterproofing


Synthetic paint for roofs MOBEL 17kg

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