Konfor Antipas Boya

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Anticorrosion paint AROMATIK ANTIPAS BOYA

  • Differs in high covering ability
  • Resistant to scratches and impacts
  • Resistant to weather conditions and UV rays


Paint for ferrous and non-ferrous metals based on solvents and alkyd resins. Contains iron and zinc hydroxy pigments. Designed to protect surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals inside and outside, such as: steel, tin, aluminum, galvanized metal, including rusty surfaces. Provides long-term and reliable protection of building metal structures, metal products, roofs, pipes, pipelines. Protects the surface from corrosion, prevents the formation of rust.



Anti-corrosion paint AROMATIK is applied after dilution with a synthetic solvent up to 10% by volume. The surface to be painted must be clean, dry, free of dust, old paint, oil stains and swollen particles. For spray application, AROMATIK paint should be thinned with synthetic thinner up to 20% by volume.



Consumtion references can be changed according to the surface properties.Approximately 80-100 gr/m², 50-70 ml/m² (1 coast)



Drying time (20⁰ C ) Touch Dry: 2-3 hrs. Hard dry: 24 hrs.


* The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the characteristics, color, configuration and design of the product without warning. The store is not responsible for the changes made by the manufacturer.

You will definitely need it

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Flat brush, English

25mm - 102mm

Bath for rollers

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Recommended solvent

Synthetic thinner MOBEL


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