Terms guarantees:

  • Product, warranty warranty, applicable warranty of production or magazine;
  • Coupon, warranty conditions, detailed descriptions, insert into product kit;
  • Non-commercial cargo in the Magazine does not represent warranties and warranties of any kind. Whenever you contact an admin magazine.

Replacement goods:

  • Freight Forwarded, Estelle:
  • Product name of the factory defect (not misleading).
  • In the magazine, there was a shipment of molds ordered, which brought about irregular patterns or irregular characteristic of the product.
  • Within 14 days of your current order you will purchase a load of other analogue models. Sorry, visit the magazine at the time and get back in time for your purchase.

Purchase returns:

  • Freight forwardable in 14 days instant purchases, please:
  • Nameset pervonachalny cargo type, (not injected cargo, necessary features, stickers).
  • Product does not work.
  • Attachment Document for Purchase (Quintancia, Payment Order).


  • Measuring materials, including textile fabrics, linoleum, solid and many others;
  • Decorative Items (in the volume of a New Year's Accessory);
  • Cable production (conductors, conductors, cables, etc.);
  • Stratified materials, such as aerosols;
  • Specials and items;
  • Kantzovars, games etc.

Please note:

  • Duly submitting a quota of goods or other documents, subcontracting the goods in return for freight; And such a document identifies less expensive.
  • In case you do not want to write an article, you have to return it. Shrugging rack - up to 30 calendars a day.
  • Easily believe the burden that the supplies do not budge in return.