Terms guarantees:

Products accompanied by a warranty certificate apply to the manufacturer's or store's warranty conditions;
You will receive a document with the warranty conditions described in detail with the purchased product;
Some products in the Store have no warranty and are not listed in the description. In this case, contact the store administrator.

Replacement goods:

Goods are subject to exchange if:
The product has manufacturing defects (not implied mechanical damage).
The store encountered a checkout error resulting in the wrong model or product specifications.
Within 14 days from the date of ordering, decide to exchange the purchased product for another similar model. Please visit the store at this time and issue a return for the items you purchased.

Purchase returns:

The product must be returned within 14 days from the date of purchase if:
Has its original presentation (packaging of goods, consumer characteristics, factory labels are not damaged).
The product has not been used.
A purchase document (receipt, payment order) is attached.


Measuring products, including textiles, linoleum, carpets and more;
Decorative items (including New Year's accessories);
Cable products (wires, wires, cables, etc.);
Building materials such as spray paint
Overalls and leisure items;
Stationery, toys, etc.

Please note:

You must provide a receipt of purchase or any other proof of payment when returning an item; And also a document identifying the buyer.
In some cases, it is necessary from the user to write a statement in order to make a return. Application consideration period - up to 30 calendar days.
If you return an item, the original shipping charges will not be refunded.