Polyurethane latex mixture foam ST2635

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    2 m.
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    1,5 m.
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    polyurethane foam, rubber
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Porolone foam ST2635 For long term use!

The density of the foam is an important factor in the production of upholstered furniture. In order for the life of the sofa to be long, the density index of the foam rubber should be from 22 kg/m³. The furniture will be able to withstand maximum loads. The advantage is high stability, due to which deformations do not form in the foam rubber during long-term use.


Foam rubber with a density of 26 kg/m3. The brand ST2635 is one of the most common in the production of upholstered furniture, which best of all combines price and quality. The model is characterized by low permanent deformation and satisfactory elasticity. Based on the density and rigidity, it is recommended to make places for sofas and chairs bearing maximum loads from it. It is also recommended to make backs, pillows and headrests, in combination with softer and more elastic grades.


  • Width: 1 meter

  • Length: 2 meters

  • Density: 26 kg/m³

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