Paint for plastic and bumper CHAMALEON, 400 ml.

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  • Weight:
    0.50 kg
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  • Capacity:
    400 ml
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  • Drying time:
    10-30 minutes
  • Color:
    Black, grey

Structural enamel CHAMALEON

  • High quality, fast-drying paint for treated and untreated surfaces of different plastic types
  • Applied directly to the plastic without previous priming
  • Scratch resistance and shock proof
  • Lasting colour and lasting gloss
  • Excellent coverage

Product Features:

  • Black and grey color
  • Structural reproduction of damaged plastics and plastic parts
  • Simple, time-saving application process
  • Suitable for both exterior plastic automotive parts and interior parts

Drying time:

Dry from dust: Approximately 10 min.
Dry to the touch: Approximately 30 min.
Drying time depends on the ambient temperature, air humidity and the thickness of the applied layer.
Temperature resistance: Up to 80°C

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the characteristics, color, configuration and design of the product without warning. The store is not responsible for the changes made by the manufacturer.Protects the painted surface from atmospheric and physical effects. It is resistant to water and detergent.

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