MOBEL Cellulosic primer for wood 12kg

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  • Weight:
    12.00 kg
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  • Expense:
    8-10 m² / kg.
  • Drying time:
    10 minutes
  • Further works:
    2 hours
  • Solvent:
    MOBEL LUX up to 30-40%

Cellulosic primer MOBEL


One-component primer based on alkyd and nitrocellulose resins. Can be used on all types of surfaces made of wood and other painted materials. Dries quickly and sands easily. Fills the pores of wood materials and creates the perfect smooth surface for the final coat of paintwork.

Surface preparation and application method:

The surface to be applied must be free of dirt and oil stains. Sand the damaged surfaces and remove the dust, apply the prepared mixture with a spray gun in 2-3 layers with transverse hand movements, wait 5-10 minutes between layers and sand in 2-4 hours after drying. Do not use at temperatures below 10 ° C.


For spray application use 30–40% MOBEL CELLULOSIC thinner.


Depending on the condition of the surface, 8-10 m² / kg in one layer.


(at 20 ° C, 65% wet), touch dry: 10-15 minutes, sanding: 2-4 hours.


1 year in unopened containers at room temperature away from sunlight.

Physical parameters:

Colours: Black, White, Gray.
Weight: 12kg

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