Desbarrier black 44X54 cm

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    Clean Carpet
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    45X55 mm

Desbarrier 44X54 cm

The barrier is made at the factory, the product is of the highest quality. This is not manual work, so it is durable and convenient for many years.

Application: Pour disinfectant solution onto the carpet. Polyester impregnation fabric will quickly absorb liquid.

Technical characteristics:

• manufacturer: Clean Carpet

Physical options:

• Shape: Rectangular

• Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

• Height: 2,5 sm

• Size: 45X55 cm

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the characteristics, color, configuration and design of the product without warning. The store is not responsible for the changes made by the manufacturer.Protects the painted surface from atmospheric and physical effects. It is resistant to water and detergent.

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