Polyurethane sealant Sausage APEL 600ml

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    1.00 kg
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    600 ml
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    gray, black
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    12 months

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Polyurethane sealant Sausage APEL 600 ml

  • Paintable
  • Waterproof
  • UV Resistant

Polyurethane based, one component sealant, it can be used in vertical surfaces easily without dripping or leak.it can be painted over. Its surface is dirt proof.


The sealant used for insulation, sealing and filling of constructional fugas and gaps. It has high bonding strength in wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, concrete based materials as well as roof tiles, bricks, concrete, galvanized sheet metal.

Area of use:

Used in filling the joints between the construction elements in the construction industry or buildings, in all kinds of assembly of PVC and aluminium joineries, assembly if the roof tiles, on ventilation ducts, water slots and similar surfaces, in the assembly of the elements of the prefabricated buildings, filling of the work spaces left, process of applying ready mix concrete, fixing the wooden doors and windows to the wall as a fixing agent between the joinery and the wall.


Should be used in temperatures between +5°C and +40°C. It should not be applied on the frozen and soaked surfaces. Low humid conditions may effect the curing time and system of the sealant. Make sure the minimum environmental humidity is around 50%. in low humid conditions, the curing may not be set and the curing system can be faulty.

Packaging: 600 ml

Color: black, grey

Quantity in a box: 20 pcs

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