Bike SAFTI S-012 26 "

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Bike SAFTI S-012 26 "

The SHIMING TZ bike speed switch will help you choose the best mode for both horizontal road and for up and down. Lightweight metal frame for dynamic, balanced and safe travel. The model is equipped with 170 mm-S, 175 mm-M up connecting rods. ideal for sports riding at high speed. The bicycle is equipped with semi-professional equipment. The wide 26x2.4 wire tires of the bike make it easy to accelerate on asphalt and keep up speed. The bike is suitable for riding in any weather, reliable grip and braking are provided by TONGLI disc mechanical brakes and reliable tires.

  • Model: S-012
  • Frame: light steel
  • Discs: triple rims
  • Disc brakes: Yes
  • Disc size: 26
  • Number of gears: 21
  • Switches: SHIMING TZ


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