Warnish spray Beorol 400 ml
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  • Capacity:
    400 ml
  • Material:
  • Temperature Range:
    120ᵒ C
  • Color:
    gloss, mat.

In stock
  • Colorless acrylic spray paint with excellent adhesion to metal surfaces.
  • Intended for outdoor and indoor use.
  • Protects against atmospheric influences while retaining its original appearance.
  • It is also suitable for use on ceramic, wood and plastic items.


  • excellent coverage, non-yellow, high resistance, lead-free pigment, quick drying, without CFC.
  • A bottle of 400ml covers an area of 1.5-2m2.
  • Resistant to dust after 10 minutes, in contact after 20 minutes and complete drying is achieved within 24 hours.
  • Temperatures resistance: 100-120 ° C. Can be painted.
  • Childproof patented safety cap.

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