Atoll Anti-corrosive Primer GF-021
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  • Model:
  • Available:
    In stock
  • Gloss degree:
  • Weight:
    1 kg, 3 kg, 28 kg
  • Tool:
    Brush, roller, spray machine
  • Storage temperature:
    -35°С +35°С
  • Expense:
    60- 100 g/m²
  • Drying time:
    8 - 15 hours
  • Solvent:
    White Spirit
  • Shelf life:
    12 month

In stock
  • for protection against corrosion and preliminary preparation of bases (metal, galvanized, concrete, plastered, wooden) before painting with alkyd or water-soluble enamels
  • use of special resins in production process allows to achieve high adhesion to the primed surface, which prolongs the life of the coating
  • 4 colors: white, gray, red-brown, black
  • provides anti-corrosion protection
  • has a fast drying time
  • forms an excellent adhesion with subsequent decorative enamels
  • extends the life of the enamel coating
  • improves the appearance of the coating (smoothness and provides uniformity of the enamel layer)
  • reduces the consumption of enamel for subsequent staining
  • easy to polish, formes a smooth, even basis for the subsequent enamel layer

მაგდა / 05/04/2020
რამდენხანში შრება, გერეთ გამოიყენება?
დიახ გამოიყენება გარეთ და შიგნით. შრობის პერიოდი არის 24 საათი, უფრო ადრე თუნდაც ზედაპირი იყოს მშრალი არარის სასურველი მეორ პირის დატანება.

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