Alkyd enamel for the floor Dekor ПФ-266 0.8 kg; 2.6 kg
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Alkyd enamel for the floor Dekor ПФ-266

Enamel is designed for painting floors, which have already been painted, as well as those that have not been covered with paint and varnish materials. A distinctive feature of this type of enamel is high hiding power, and the fact that it has an increased abrasion resistance. This property of enamel allows you to significantly extend the service life of the floors, giving them a bright shine.

Technical characteristics:
• Manufacturer: Dekor
• Enamel base: Alkyd
• Consumption: 120-180 g/m²
• Drying time: 12 h.

Physical parameters:

• Weight: 0.8 kg; 2.6 kg:
• Degree of brilliance: Glossy
• Color: yellow-brown; red-brown

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