Jumbo Mix - Interior Paint 2.5l, 7.5l, 15l

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For painting walls and ceilings inside rooms with normal humidity
Is applied on mineral bases (putty, plaster, brick, concrete, cinder block), as well as gypsum plasterboard
Places of application: walls and ceilings in rooms with normal humidity and medium load on the painted surface: bedrooms, spacious halls
Color: matte white
High opacity
High vapor permeability
Bright whiteness

Application Method------------------------------brush, roller, spray
Single-layer coating consumption----------150 - 180 ml/sq. m
Degree of gloss------------------------------------matte
Drying time at + 20 ° C--------------------------1-2 hours
Further work is carried out in----------------1-4 hours
Permissible storage temperature range +5 С +35 С
Packaging--------------------------------------------2.5l, 7.5l, 15l
Warranty period of storage-------------------24 months

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