Ковер овальный FIRUZE
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    0.8x1.2; 1x1.5; 1x2; 1.5x2.3; 2x3; 2.5x3.5;
  • Материал:
  • Цвет:
    Серый; темно-серый; черный; Золотой; Кремовый; Светло-коричневый; Коричневый; Темно-коричневый, Красный, Бордовый

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Firuze is undoubtedly a collection of carpets which has a rich range in which everyone will find something that best suits their expectations. At our disposal in fact there is a wide range of floral motifs perfectly complementing romantic, girly arrangements, as well as abstract, geometric which go perfectly with the trends of economic minimalism. Next, the captivating colour palette is something that undoubtedly deserves consideration which, in addition to the immortal beiges and browns, resistant to the ravages of time, we will also find intense pinks, purples and greens associated with nature. The high and pleasant to the touch fleece makes treading on it build up very emotional experiences, which directly improves comfort of use.

The Firuze collection of carpets will embellish the interior of a child's room, an adolescent’s room, emphasize the charm of a stylish living room, as well as show off the intimate character of a romantic bedroom.

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